"Kenchy captures beautifully truthful moments and does an amazing job every time. 

I've gone to him for headshots, hand modeling shots, lifestyle shots, and mother-son shots with my baby. He's kind and decisive and his retouching work is excellent. He is my go-to photographer for sure!"

Cassandra Federman


“It was an absolute treat to have Kenchy spend a day in our office taking our whole company’s new headshots.

He has a great way of making anyone comfortable on camera and everything turned out beautifully. We couldn’t be happier!”

AJ Feuerman
Dir, PR & Social Media
Gravitas Ventures 


"The photos are superb. I really appreciate the care he took in capturing a very special evening.  His photos are more than just pictures."

Glen Odell































"Kenchy's skill in elegantly and vividly capturing the energy of a moment, combined with his dynamic compositional instincts, yield beautiful images that you're bound to treasure."

Hayley Terris


"It was so easy, comfortable, and fun to have Kenchy capture our family in an on-location portrait session. He let our family dynamic take the lead and photographed moments that captured our relationships beautifully. My husband and I agree that his was our favorite picture ever taken of our young daughters. The whole family was very happy with the experience and the pictures that resulted." 

Karen DeClue 

"We had 4 generations together and I've been torturing (I mean having photos taken of) my family for over 20 years and this was the best session. The pictures are simply stunning, his ability to capture candids is fantastic. The joy on my kids' faces as they goofed around is precious! I really can't express how happy I am with the pictures. I may even go crazy and get a large canvas for my wall, the pictures really are THAT good!"

Jane Gibson 

"THE BEST photographer we've ever had.  We were blown away. The photos were amazing! He was the very first photographer to really capture my son's personality. We love every single photo that he took. I could literally hear my son laughing through the photos just by looking at them. Kenchy has that magical connection with kids that other photographers don't have. And I am very thankful to have met him. Kenchy, you're one of a kind."

Hazel Viray